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Do you want to avoid all of the marketing failures I already made and get there faster with this one weird proven method?

In marketing this makes sense, because all of us have mentors, and we learn from their mistakes. When it comes to building something solid, this is the fastest way to success.

Many automated campaigns are built by teams of project managers, and not by technical geeks.

Creating content and writing copy is one thing. Developing a solid foundation with a great strategy and follow-up is completely something else.

And sometimes, as entrepreneurs, we need to either do this ourselves or hire someone.

But what if you hire the WRONG person?

Obviously you want to get it right the first time, right?

That's why it is so important to, at the very least, be in the "know" and not the "why".

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Hey now, my name is Shoan.

And for the last 30 years, I have worked with major corporations using their systems and processes and the last corporate position I held was with Microsoft as their Marketing and Sales Manager for Southern California.

I have helped thousands of small businesses glance down at their business from a 30,000-foot view in order to promote, reach, and connect with a larger audience in a shorter time, with the least amount of investment.

My core belief is to nurture a positive and supportive atmosphere that collaborates with small businesses, and their staff and to foster an extraordinary, unstoppable growth team that will grow their business, multiply their sales, and increase their presence and awareness.

Having worked for major corporations and helping build billion-dollar brands throughout the United States, I found that everything was empty and meaningless if I couldn't help the small business that is struggling to just stay afloat.

It didn't make sense to me to live an apparent life of luxury while I watched others sink at a drastic rate. And sink in a way that they didn't have to ... all they needed to do was fix the holes in their leaky bucket.

And then, it happened to me, and I had to reach out to the right teachers. People that had been in the same hole I dug for myself. People who could lift me up and out of the treacherous pit of despair and to the happy road of destiny.

So I set out to make a change and to help those in need or those who want to up their game and take it to the next level.

And I learned something really weird through this entire Journey.

People are afraid to try new things, even though others are doing them with success because they don't think the techniques work or that they don't align with their core values.

And that is where this campaign comes in: to help you reconnect with the diamonds in your database. Bring the gold to the top and re-engage in a powerful way.


When is the Ultimate Lead Follow-up used and what for?

From the uses you know of to some that you don’t, we’ll cover what businesses and marketers are doing with follow-up campaigns today.

Included here are many best practices and suggestions for how to get the highest ROI out of the tools you are currently using while exploring the variety of ways they can contribute to your business.

Your Guide to Creating Follow-up Campaigns.

In this module, we demystify the process of writing the copy and designing the layout for your follow-up sequences.

Whether you identify as a copywriter or salesperson or feel completely inept in both facets, we’ve got you covered with tons of step-by-step advice and resources that will help you become a star at both.

How do I keep track of my prospects?

You can design and create the best net in the ocean, but if you’re not near the fish, you’ll never catch a thing.

The same goes for your phone follow-up.

If your business doesn’t return calls, it doesn’t have leads. And no leads mean no sales. We’ll discuss no-nonsense methods you can use today to get more and better, replies on your incoming calls.

Getting Started with Marketing Automation.

Once you’ve got a system working, and leads coming into your pipeline, it’s common to wonder what’s next.

We’ll take you beyond the world of sales in this module, and discuss some common marketing automation tactics, to give you ideas of what you can do with your growing business.

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Warning #1 "Inner Consumer"
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This is not an overnight matter. Marketing campaigns require invested time and money.

Once You Complete this 7-Day Challenge You Will be Immediately Available to Launch Your Own Challenge.

Some of you will want to jump into the water quickly and get the marbles out of your mouth.

Some of the more "seasoned" entrepreneurs will want to batten down the hatches before you start driving paid traffic.

And others will need a little nudge, and the entire community will be available for you to give you that extra little push and champion you into the arena.

I'm always available as your mentor, coach, and support when it comes to all things technical.
All things
- Shoan Snoday

Here's what I know about building solid foundations and the Customer Value Journey.

When I do anything on my own I struggle harder and longer than I have to. It is almost like a self-punishing act because I don't know any better.

This is why I believe in coaching. I spent 30k on coaching in 2019 and that is because I KNOW it works.

Listen, a lot of people think I am super smart, and we all are, but if you knew how much time I invest talking with technical support you would laugh. I design and strategize like an architect, but I still need help from the journeyman and laborers. And I pass all of this invested time over to you, so you don't have to do it!

“It is truly a blessing to have Shoan Snoday as one of my good friends in my personal and business life.

After many years of traveling the globe, it is people like Shoan Snoday that keeps my "tuned-in".

We both share common goals in healing and well-being at a global level. Shoan has helped me grow Spiritually, financially, and in my business as well as my personal relationships. More people need to engage with Shoans trainings – quite amazing!”

- Paul Shepard

“There a very few marketers in the industry that can look at your current client list and bring the gold to surface.

Shoan Snoday is one of those rare marketers that will not only find the diamonds in your database, he will help you convert them as well. You know those people that have been on the fence and just haven't made "the move".

Shoans systems and processes are designed to bring stubborn prospects to the top of your sales pipeline, get them in your fulfillment campaign so you can get more referrals!”

- Connie Graf

“Growing your business take a lot of work and is usually a little scary. Most people fail when they grow too fast. But then there is Shoan Snoday.

Never have I seen someone so passionate and intelligent enough to create such complicated automated systems and explain them in such a simple fashion that even I can understand them.

He can help any business run smoother and run more efficiently, so you can focus on the work you want to do, not the work you 'need' to do”

- Fred Woods

LIVE, We Start Thursday, October 26th, 2023 at 5:00pm Pacific


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